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We make highly addictive, extremely viral, genre defining, dinosaur battle games. The way we design our games, the way we talk to our players and the way we treat each other.

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A new mobile gaming genre is being defined, these games are highly addictive, with easy learning curve, have minimalistic ui, small in app size and obviously amusing to play.

Native Advertising.

Integrate your advertisements into the fabric of our games, transplant natural real world advertising into a digital context. We are hopeful to rock together in hyper casual market.

Dragon Battle

Welcome to Dragon Battle, where you have pet dragons and fight against enemies. Collect your dream team of Dragons and take them to battle! Each Dragon has its own special skills and personality, choose your team wisely. Collect, raise, and battle your way to greatness in this insanely addictive adventure game!

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DRAGON VILLAGE -city sim mania

Build a world of powerful dragons. Play “Dragon Village” to raise, feed and breed your own lovable, friendly, adorable dragons.

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